Cliff White Testimonial

Cliff took the cleanse as directed and on the second day early in the morning he removed a 10 inch piece of plaque. Later in the evening, A 50 INCH MUCOID PLAQUE CAME OUT. He measured it with a tape ruler and the picture is coming soon. On the third day, early in the morning another 30 inches came out and later that afternoon another 30 inches. THIS IS EXACTLY TEN FEET OF MUCOUS PLAQUE REMOVED IN THREE DAYS.

Nita, Cliff's wife released a lot but was unwilling to measure it. BUT SHE LOST SEVEN POUNDS IN JUST THREE DAYS.

One man lost over 20 pounds in just three days...Goes to show just how much buildup is in the colon.

A friend of Cliff's lost seven pounds in three days.

One more friend of Cliff's lost NINE pounds in three days

Joan Bakke lost EIGHT POUNDS IN THREE DAYS and has kept it off a month later. Her friends tell her she is looking younger (she is also eating raw foods)

Joan's friend received a colonic immediately after the cleanse and her colon therapist said about FOUR times as much "stuff" came out then usually and a lot of it was BLACK...

Karen Core lost about five pounds in three days and released a large piece of the plaque.

Roger Doucet got rid of the "pouch" in his stomach. He said this was the first product to ever flatten his stomach.

Cliff White