Iris and Ben BOTH lose 18+ pounds in using the 3 Day Cleanse
Iris Ben Testimonial

The "So Easy" 3-day Colon Cleanse was, just that, easy! It was actually fun too! Imagine that.

Iris and I started the 3-day cleanse on a monday. Prior to the cleanse we Started a 2-day regimine with vegetable juice, green apples and a light meal in the evening(home-made black beans) for fiber. After starting the actual cleanse it was suprisingly filling, we both had little to no hunger cravings. The taste was fine and after the second day in the "cleansing" bowol movements started to occur. Iris was able to comfortibly continue the cleanse even at work. We were both shocked at what we had seen in the toilet! When the first bowel movement of the cleanse accours you don't even realize that it's going to be diffrent. In the process, there is a great sense of relief and there is no real excertion needed. When finished we felt like we could move more fluidly and dance, so we did. Altogether the cleanse was amazing! Iris and I lboth lost 18-20lbs when doing the 3day cleanse.

We highly recommend it to anyone and feel that it is the most thorough colon cleanse from the inside out. Thank you Bryant! You are the Best ever!

Benjamin & Iris