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  • How do I prepare for the program?
    1) The pre-cleanse phase prepares your bowel for the cleansing fast. It is a 3 day pre-cleanse regimen to help loosen up the bowels and prepare your GI system for a 3 day cleanse fast regimen. In these 3 days, it is best that you start eating less and avoiding heavy meals. 2) Visit the Meal Suggestions page for suggested meal plans for the pre and post cleanse phase.
  • What if my bowels won’t move?
    1) You may be dehydrated. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER WHILE DOING THE CLEANSE. 2) Be sure all instructions are followed correctly. 3) You could be under a lot of stress. On an emotional level, you may feel the pressure of getting that Mucoid Plaque out or trying to move your bowels immediately. Some people may have tight sphincters (a ring of muscle surrounding and serving to guard or close an opening such as the anus) due to stress.
  • What if I still can’t go?
    1) It is imperative that you move your bowels daily. Sometimes there are people who do not prepare their colon by doing the pre-cleanse phase of the program. They tend to eat a lot knowing that they will be doing the cleanse for the next 3 days so this clogs up their system within the first day of the program. 2) So drink a lot of water and massage your abdomen. Some people have hypoactive bowels due to stress. *You may use an over the counter enema to facilitate the bowel movement which is very easy and effective to use.
  • Will I be hungry during the cleanse?
    1) You will be receiving full meal replacements so this will not make you hungry. The high fiber content of the meal replacements in the program will keep you satisfied. 2) If ever there is any hunger, it usually is on a psychological level. People are attracted to food and crave food at this emotional level. 3) If you absolutely feel like you are hungry - here are some suggestions: 2 tablespoons a couple times daily of - yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, all sugar free and no milk.
  • Will I have diarrhea or an irritable bowel, uncontrollable urge or cramps?
    1) No. You will be eliminating full and bulky stools, not loose and watery. You shouldn’t have an irritable bowel either. 2) No cramps. You will only have your normal or usual urge to move your bowels.
  • Should I stop my medications?
    1) If you are taking prescription medication for daily use, you may use them during the cleanse. 2) If you are taking prescription medications for a period of time, finish the course of your prescription before beginning the program.
  • What are some occurrences that may happen during the cleanse?
    1) Keep in mind that when doing the 3-day cleanse, you will be releasing a lot of toxins, so it is imperative that you drink a lot of water. 2) Constipation – During detox, increased metabolism accelerates water usage in the body. The quantity of water has to be increased, otherwise not enough water will cause hardening of Mucoid and this won’t excrete from the body. Increase water consumption and exercise would be the solution. 3) Dizziness, hot and sweaty – During the detox process, large amount of toxins are released from the cells in the blood streams and so this triggers body defense system and blood circulation to transport these toxins into the liver then the colon. This process is indicated by higher body temperature. By drinking a lot of water and after the completion of detoxification the body temperature will normalize. You may feel light and energetic. 4) Thirsty – Bio-Cell contains nucleic acid that helps repair the cell and proliferation of the cell which will increase body metabolism. Therefor a large quantity of water is needed to help the needs of the body. 5) Bloating – This is due to the pre-existing GIT problem. With the excretion of Mucoid, this condition will improve. 6) Insomnia – The strong peristalsis of colon and the constant urge of passing motion affects the sleeping qualities in some people.
  • Who shouldn’t do the cleanse?
    1) Those that feel rejection or bias towards the cleanse 2) Body weight lower than 25% of ideal body weight 3) Chronic disease patient or a very weak constitution 4) Pregnant or breast feeding moms 5) Hyperparathyroidism

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