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3 Day Cleanse Bio-Wheatgrass

Bio- Wheatgrass is made of 100% Wheatgrass with roots and organic enzymes. All these elements assist our body to regulate metabolism, hormone imbalance, improve blood circulation and cell function. Help to restrict cancer and chemical elements by reducing the risk of infectious diseases. It also provides bulk to push retained fecal matter OUT.

3 Day Cleanse Bio-Cell

Bio-Cell consists of Carrots for antioxidants, Okra that helps lubricate the colon, Soy bean extract that assists in the growth of good bacteria, Passion fruit that provides a calming effect on GI tract and Plant Omega-3 which helps bring down cholesterol levels. The nucleic acid content promotes regeneration of healthy new cells, reduces any uncomfortable reaction and provides energy. This function is to improve our immune system and provide balanced nutrients in addition to the ideal body shape we dream for.

3 Day Cleanse Bio-Diet
3 Day Cleanse Bio-Balance

Bio-Diet & Bio-Balance contains oil palm fiber an organic substance to eliminate toxins in our body, in other words, remove all the Chronic Dung (Mucoid Plaque) accumulated in our colon walls. The sachets also contain Red Rice which is a good source of energy, High Fiber from Fruits and Vegetables and Guar Gum for Satiety and feeling of fullness.

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