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3 Day Cleanse
3 Day Cleanse Carrot Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Passion Friut Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Okra Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Soy Beans Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Wheatgrass Powder Ingredient

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what it does

So Easy 3 Day Cleanse with Wheatgrass is a thorough and complete cleansing program that removes chronic fecal matter. Its the only colon cleansing product that has OIL PALM FIBER - an ingredient that helps expel toxic substances that normal bowel movement is unable to remove.

A complete set replaces all regular meals for 3 days. This allows the digestive system to naturally eliminate hard to remove waste and rebuild damaged cells and tissues within the system. With a cleaner digestive system, the nutrients blended into each sachet of the 3 Day Cleanse are better absorbed and assimilated by the body to facilitate the continuous removal of chronic waste and toxins. 

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3 Day Cleanse
3 Day Cleanse Okra Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Passion Fruit Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Carrot Ingredient
3 Day Cleanse Wheatgrass Powder

100% NATURAL ingredients

So Easy 3 Day Cleanse leverages on 3 major functional stages to provide optimal health and slimming effect, i.e. Detoxification, Toning and Nourishing.

Detoxification: Bio-Diet & Bio-Balance contains Oil Palm Fiber, an organic substance to
eliminate Mucoid Plaque in our body by
lubricating the inner lining of the colon and facilitates the easy and gentle removal. The sachets also contain Red Rice which is a good source of energy, High Fiber from Fruits and Vegetables and Guar Gum which comes from the bark of  the Guar Tree. It is great in satiating hunger and also traps fats and cholesterol, helping reduce cholesterol absorption.

Healing: Bio- Wheatgrass is made of Wheatgrass with roots and organic enzymes. All these elements assist our body to regulate metabolism, hormone imbalance, improve blood circulation and cell function. Help to restrict cancer and chemical elements by reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Taking the Wheatgrass during the cleanse will help replenish the GI enzymes that were used during the day and helps restore normal and healthy gastro-intestinal environment.


Nourishing: Bio-Cell consists of Carrots for antioxidants, Okra that helps lubricate the colon, Soy bean extract that assists in the growth of good bacteria, Passion fruit that provides a calming effect on GI tract and Plant Omega-3 which helps bring down cholesterol levels. The nucleic acid content promotes regeneration of healthy new cells, reduces any uncomfortable reaction and provides energy. This function is to improve our immune system and provide balanced nutrients in addition to the ideal body shape we dream for.




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mucoid plaque

Mucoid Plaque (also known as chronic feces) is created when the body produces
mucus to protect itself from potentially toxic substances. Mucoid Plaque acts as a
health threat by:

Nutrients from the foods we eat are absorbed into our bodies through our intestines and colon. Mucoid Plaque blocks this normal absorption. Mucoid Plaque is also a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause us illness, disease and polyps.

Reducing the absorption of nutrients
Impairing digestion
Providing a haven for parasitic micro-organisms
Behaving as a reservoir of toxins
Promoting the development of cancer
Causing skin conditions and allergies
Reducing bowel transit time

3 Day Cleanse Mucoid Plaque
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oil palm fiber

3 Day Cleanse Oil Palm Fiber Tree

The 3 Day Cleanse is nothing short of a breakthrough from the Far East containing a fiber from the oil palm tree that penetrates the accumulation in the colon, lubricates the colon wall, and makes it slippery so that the rubbery accumulation "slips right out." The oil palm fiber is the ONLY fiber that penetrates this buildup and lubricates the colon wall to make it slippery. That is why it works in just three days.


The 3 Day Cleanse does not scrape along like other fibers or cause contractions and cramps like laxatives. It cleans the entire colon - small intestine and large intestine - without unwanted side effects, pain, or bloating. This is the ONLY cleanse in the world that contains the Oil Palm Fiber, and we promise this is unlike any other cleanse you have tried.


Most Colon Cleanses are just the same rehash of things like psyllium, bentonite, slippery elm, marshmallow, harsh herbs like casacara sagrada, senna, and others. These inferior fibers work by sweeping the colon and can work, but it will probably take 30 days or longer.


Also, psyllium and bentonite can do more harm than good, considering bentonite is up to 35% Aluminum, and psyllium can harden like cement, creating an adverse constipating reaction. When mixed with water, psyllium produces a substance called mucilage which is similar to adhesive glue binding to the fecal matter. Also, psyllium can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals and can lower blood sugar, so it is not recommended for diabetics. The 3 Day Cleanse key ingredient, oil palm trunk fiber, penetrates the fecal matter and lubricates the colon wall. This is a safer and more effective process.

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